Company Overview

Company NameChikuzenya Corporation
Address2-1 Shintomocho, Nogata City, Fukuoka 822-0021, Japan
PresidentMasanori Momota
Capital3,500,000 yen
Founding Year1954 (Showa 29)
EstablishedMay 30, 2001
Banking PartnersFukuoka Bank, Fukuoka Chuo Bank, Nishi-Nippon City Bank, Fukuoka Hibiki Credit Cooperative
Business Activities Meat processing and production of cooked meat products
Retail and wholesale of meat products
Export of livestock products
Consulting services and product development support for meat processing centers
Sale of frozen feed for farmed bluefin tuna and bluefin tuna sales
LicensesMeat Sales Business (02 Kakanho No. 1300342)
Meat Processing Business (29 Kakanho No. 2200308)
Food Manufacturing Business (01 Kakanho No. 2019278)
Notification Type Notification of Feed Sales Business (May 2, Reiwa 4)
Factory NameChikuzenya Shinyu Factory
Factory Address 943-1 Shimonyu, Nogata City, Fukuoka 822-0031, Japan
Factory LicensesMeat Processing Business (02 Kakanho No. 1300341)
Food Manufacturing Business (02 Kakanho No. 1270325)
Quality CertificationISO 9001:2015 (品質認証 ISO 9001:2015)