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In July 1954, Chikuzenya was established as the predecessor company (Momonota), and in 1959, it continued its business as Momoda Meat Shop. Thanks to the support of the local community and many others, we have been able to sustain our business until now. We sincerely express our heartfelt gratitude.

During the early days of our founding, the Chikuhō-Nōgata region was experiencing a decline in the coal mining industry. I was told as a child that my grandparents provided cooked meals and distributed them to laborers who couldn’t afford a meal for the day.

According to stories from elderly customers in the local community, people from Chikuzenya (Momoda Butcher Shop) used to provide cooked meals and distribute food to those who couldn’t afford to eat, supporting the local community.

Since our founding, we have been involved in the food industry, transitioning from selling live cattle (bakurō) to operating a butcher shop, delivering safe, reliable, and delicious meat to the local community.

Currently, we are engaged in both the butcher shop and food manufacturing businesses.

In 2010, we established Marunichi Food Co., Ltd. in Hokkaido, placing offices in two major livestock production areas in Kyushu and Hokkaido, where we can share the latest initiatives and changes in the respective regions. As the Chikuzenya Group, we aim to contribute to Japan’s meat industry.

Furthermore, we will adapt to the ever-changing trends in the food distribution industry and, with humility and gratitude, work together as employees to create a bright future.

Chikuzenya Co., Ltd.

Masanori Momoda