Overseas Business Division


Export Business
Bringing Japan’s High-Quality Wagyu Beef and Bluefin Tuna to Dining Tables Worldwide

  • Wagyu Beef to Global Dining Tables –
    Utilizing a strong domestic network cultivated over 70 years of history, we engage in the export of various types of domestic Wagyu beef to overseas markets. The Wagyu beef we handle is a testament to the high-quality ingredients we proudly deliver from Japan. Moreover, in response to local demands and requests from overseas companies, we have provided training and guidance in meat knowledge, history, and cutting techniques.
  • Exporting “Halal Beef” to Islamic Regions –
    In anticipation of promising markets characterized by population growth and significant economic development, particularly in the Halal food sector, we export domestically produced Halal beef from Japan to the Halal food market through our group company, Gulfazia Pure Food Co., Ltd.
  • The King of Tuna, “Bluefin Tuna” –
    Among the various types of tuna, we export the Bluefin Tuna, known as the “King of Tuna,” renowned for its robust flavor. Raised through aquaculture on Amami Oshima Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, this Bluefin Tuna exclusively feeds on natural Japanese ingredients (frozen sardines, iwashi, etc.) and grows to sizes of around 100 kg. Our commitment to collaborating with aquaculturists who adhere to meticulous cultivation methods and our quality assurance through feed procurement ensure the excellence of our products. We are also planning to source feeds from overseas in the future.