Introduction to a Butcher Shop


Established in July 1954 as the predecessor of the incorporated company Chikuzen-ya (known as “Niku no Momota” at the time), we continued our business as Momota Butcher Shop from 1959. Thanks to the support of the local community and many people, we have been able to operate our business up to the present day. We are truly grateful from the bottom of our hearts.

During the founding period, the Chikuho-Nogata region, where we started, was experiencing a decline in the coal mining industry. I was told as a child that my grandparents provided rice and food distribution, serving meals to the laborers who couldn’t afford to eat on that day.

According to the stories from elderly local customers, the people from Chikuzen-ya (Momota Butcher Shop) used to provide food distribution, offering meals to those in the community who couldn’t afford to eat.

Since our establishment, we have been involved in the food industry, transitioning from selling live cattle (bokuro) to operating a butcher shop, delivering safe, high-quality, and delicious meat to the local community.

■ Overview of the butcher shop